Candidate Eligibility

UTME Candidates must have chosen Bayero University as First Choice and scored not less than the indicated minimum score for various Faculties/Programmes as stated below:

1. Faculty of Agriculture

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Agric Economics and Extension180
2B. Agriculture180
3B. Fisheries and Aquaculture180
4B. Food Science and Technology180

2. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Environmental Health Science200
2B. Medical Laboratory Science230
3B. Nursing230
4B. Physiotherapy220
5B. Radiography220
6Doctor of Optometry220

3. Faculty of Arts And Islamic Studies

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. Arabic180
2B.A. English180
3B.A. French180
4B.A. Hausa180
5B.A. History180
6B.A. Islamic Studies180
7B.A. Linguistics180
8B.A. Sharia180

4. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Anatomy180
2B.Sc. Biochemistry180
3B.Sc. Human Physiology180
4B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics 180

5. Faculty of Clinical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score

6. Faculty of Communication

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. Theatre and Performing Arts180
2B.Sc. Information and Media Studies180
3B.Sc. Mass Communication200

7. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Computer Science190
2B.Sc. Cyber Security180
3B.Sc. Information Technology180
4B.Sc. Software Engineering180

8. Faculty of Dentistry

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Dentistry/Dental Surgery240

9. Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Urban and Regional Planning180
2B.Sc. Architecture190
3B.Sc. Environmental Management180
4B.Sc. Estate Management180
5B.Sc. Geography180
6B.Sc. Geology180
7B.Sc. Meteorology180
8B.Sc. Quantity Surveying180

10. Faculty of Education

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. (Ed) Adult Education and Community Services180
2B.A. (Ed) Arabic180
3B.A. (Ed) Early Childhood Education180
4B.A. (Ed) Economics180
5B.A. (Ed) English180
6B.A. (Ed) French180
7B.A. (Ed) History180
8B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies180
9B.A. (Ed) Primary Education180
10B.A. (Ed) Special Education180
11B.Sc. (Ed) Agriculture180
12B.Sc. (Ed) Biology180
13B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry180
14B.Sc. (Ed) Geography180
15B.Sc. (Ed) Health Education180
16B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics180
17B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health Education180
18B.Sc. (Ed) Physics180
19B.Sc. Library and Information Science180

11. Faculty of Engineering

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering180
2B.Eng. Automotive Engineering180
3B.Eng. Chemical Engineering180
4B.Eng. Civil Engineering190
5B.Eng. Computer Engineering180
6B.Eng. Electrical Engineering180
7B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering180
8B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering180
9B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering180
10B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering180

12. Faculty of Law

#ProgrammmeUTME Score

13. Faculty of Life Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Applied Biology180
2B.Sc. Botany180
3B.Sc. Microbiology180
4B.Sc. Zoology180

14. Faculty of Management Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Accounting180
2B.Sc. Banking and Finance180
3B.Sc. Business Administration180
4B.Sc. Entrepreneur180
5B.Sc. Public Administration180

15. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1Doctor of Pharmacy230

16. Faculty of Physical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Chemistry180
2B.Sc. Electronics with Physics180
3B.Sc. Forensic Science180
4B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry180
5B.Sc. Mathematics180
6B.Sc. Physics180
7B.Sc. Statistics180

17. Faculty of Social Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Criminology180
2B.Sc. Economics180
3B.Sc. International Relations180
4B.Sc. Political Science180
5B.Sc. Sociology180

18. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1Doctor of Veterinary Medicine220